注音符號ㄎㄎ單邊耳環 | Tiny kerker Clip on Earrings | CHC純手工藝典藏系列

NT$ 690.00

☁ About Remember me Collection ☁

A gender free gift to someone you treasure.

Designed and handmade in Taiwan and shipping worldwide.
Available for customization.

☁ Remember me 典藏系列 ☁

CHC.felicitas 獨創手作工藝注音單邊耳環



☁ 作品細節 ☁
* 作品ID:kerker
* 主材料色調:樹脂、霧黑
* 重量:<1g,輕盈無負擔
* 尺寸:約 7mm x 7mm ,形狀尺寸不規則,每顆略微不同
* 耳針為925銀針,附贈韓國製防滑耳堵
* 耳夾為台灣透明矽膠耳夾 

☁ Product features

ID: kerker
Tone: matte black
Shape: an special alphabet of Taiwan "ㄎ"
Cloud Size: about 7mm x 7mm

*Please understand that every work is lovingly handmade, therefore, no two items are completely identical. All handicrafts will slightly vary in size, shape and colors.

☁ Materials

Clay and resin with 925 silver pierced or silicone earclips

☁ 如何配戴新型夾式耳環 How to Clip on? ☁
Click link below to learn how to clip on the new type earrings:
How to Clip on 新型耳夾配戴示範

☁ 不知道的事有很多,這裡必須先知道 ☁
☑ 訂購視同閱畢且同意
❝ 如不同意,那、謝謝你來到,緣份只讓我們相遇 ❞
(1)  CHC為一人工作室,從接單製作起,進行材料準備、雲體手工塑形,重複三個循環的6-8小時低溫烤製,接著色調烤漆、固化與固色、金屬抗氧化處理,再到零件組裝、打包與出貨,其中需要較長的時間進行雲朵的定型並且會受到天候影響,因此接單後需至少12工作天(不含假日)進行製作處理,如有急需請先聯繫詢問是否有現成品項可寄出
(2) 雲朵是由手工製作成型、非使用固定模具,每一顆成品都是獨一無二的雲朵,一次完整流程產出一對舒適和諧的雲朵,請期待他們可愛好看的樣子投入你懷中。
(3) CHC在金屬五金表面有加做抗氧化保護層的工序,而保護層在使用下接觸皮脂汗水,會逐次磨損而露出注金層,14KGF注金跟純銀有類似特性,長時間接觸化學物如香水或汗水易氧化變暗或露出底材金屬銅,這也就是飾品光采有壽命的原因,因此CHC不會寄送展示用的、他人使用過的商品給你,也基於此,並符合法規前提下,CHC提供「猶豫期」服務,不提供試用,商品內層封膜「經拆封後」無法退貨,如猶豫期退貨之來回運費須自理,如有品項的寄送錯誤則由CHC承擔,以上請知悉再行交易
(4) 手工藝品有機率出現成型過程之纖維、紋路或光固化時自然產生之細小氣泡,此類情況不屬於瑕疵、也不影響配戴視覺效果可以放心,並且樹脂飾品本身較脆弱不如金屬般堅硬,不能重壓不耐刮,須避免潮濕跟曝曬、避免接觸汗水及化學物質,不戴時以乾布擦拭乾淨、密封收納保存以延長它們的壽命
(5) 照片為實品拍攝,CHC盡力呈現真實色彩,如因多種因素有觀感上色差皆以實品為主
(6) 如須訂製其他尺寸或鏈長等細節可和我聯繫 [ 
FB msg ] 訂製專屬款。

Package of Earrings 飾品包裝方式

CHC.felicitas will ship you as a gift, check this to learn more:
Package Example 查看飾品包裝

☁ Care Instructions

For Metal: 
Prolonged exposure to water may lead to oxidation and discoloration. The color will be darker, making it look older. Please simply wipe the metal with tissue, cotton pad without any chemical to make it shine. 

For Resin: 
Storage avoid direct sunlight. Resin is a fragile material that may get scratched on the surface. Therefore, please DO NOT put them with other accessories together. DO NOT use toothpaste and silver cloth to clean them, and avoid cleaning them with acids. Use neutral soapy water to clean the surface softly and quickly (if necessary). 

☁ Production & Shipping Details

Since CHC.felicitas is an one-person studio, I will try my best to respond to your messages within 1–2 working day. After receiving your orders, I'll prepare the materials, and first handmade the shape of clouds, then repeat at least three cycles of gentle baking for 6-8 hours, then to strengthen and paint them, and the last step to assemble with antioxidant treated metal parts. So that every customizing product requires 7-12 working days(depends on the weather). Thank you for your patience.
After your product is made, I will ship the product within 2 days. For customers outside of Taiwan, shipment usually takes 10 to 14 days. Please feel free to send me a message to check shipment times.

☁ Note to Customers

Please understand that the product is lovingly handmade, therefore, no two items are completely identical. All works will slightly vary in size, shape and colors.
Natural materials like mineral stones, flowers, pearls, shells and corals have their own colors and shapes, which add to their uniqueness. I will try my best to select materials that are in similar conditions to create my designs.

☀Please feel free to contact me if you prefer a special customization☀
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