Mixed Media Artwork Designed and Handmade in Taiwan.

CHC.felicitas 品牌取幸福的字義,希望藉由我手心的溫度、具現化我的時間成為作品,


在世界古文明中,Felicitas 代表著繁衍不息、受到庇佑的、快樂的、幸運的,
Felicitas 同時也是一名具有神聖正面力量、給人帶來正面的影響的幸福女神。

We are lucky enough to meet on this rotating floating island in the universe.
I'm here turning my time gently into pieces of artworks to warm your heart 

and share the scenes, the memories, and the experiences of my lovely homeland Taiwan through my mind with you.
Deeply hope my works can bring you some inner healing feelings.
Thank you for coming to meet me and my works. 

In ancient cultures of the world, felicitas (from the Latin adjective felix, "fruitful, blessed, happy, lucky") is a condition of divinely inspired productivity, blessedness, or happiness. Felicitas could encompass both a person's fertility and a general's luck or good fortune. Felicitas always has a positive significance. She appears with several epithets that focus on aspects of her divine power. -- Wikipedia

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